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Saturday, February 16, 2013

New blog for my work

Hello Everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that I started a new blog, just for my work, at - Click Denver will continue to be a place for me to share all things awesome!  Hope you will continue to check in, send me all those great emails and messages and share your awesomeness with me!

Monday, January 14, 2013

What happened?

Just a few short days after my last post, I pretty much disappeared.  What happened?

My beautiful Saab 9-5, my little turbo pride and joy, was smashed in a head on collision.  With me in it.
It's hard to describe all the details, but the airbags failed to deploy and I broke the seat belt with the force of the impact.  I'm lucky, I walked away from it because that car was built like a tank and my guardian angel was working overtime.  Everyone walked away from it.  Miracle? Quite possibly.
The reason why I'm sharing this is to let you know I'm slowly getting back, and to always, always, always wear your seat belt.  :)
There are many projects in my future, and I have an outstanding chiropractor who is putting me back together, so I will be shooting in no time.
Thank you to all the people who have sent good healing vibes my way, have helped with coffee runs (oh yeah...) and made me feel truly cared for - I will not forget your kindness.
Let's get 2013 started the right way, grateful to be here, and more resolute than ever in my intent to capture people at their very best in my photography.  Life is good.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


A friend mentioned this documentary work today, and I was reminded of the first day I saw these photographs.  I was in awe of the way this land was captured, thinking how difficult the conditions were, but also about how technically involved each photograph must have been - it's not easy to shoot white on white.  Once my photographer's eye chilled a bit, I was able to see a culture, moments of a life lived in such harsh environment, each wrinkle earned, each smile genuine.

LAST DAYS OF THE ARCTIC, photographs by "RAX" Ragnar Axelsson, documents the vanishing Inuit hunting culture in Greenland and Baffin Island, Canada, caused by global warming, environmental, and cultural changes.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kid in a Candy Store

Sometimes I have to pinch myself.  The people I meet.... the things I get to photograph...
I was commissioned by Eggen Violin Shop in Denver last week, and was given full access to all rooms, instruments, and wonderful people who keep the artistry of violin making alive. I spent hours learning how violins are made, repaired and tuned.  Yet, I feel like I just scratched the surface and want to know more about all the love that goes into each instrument.  Of course, I couldn't help myself and had to take a few artistic shots just for myself - I could spend weeks in this place and ask a million questions, and am so grateful I had the opportunity to photograph a very unique aspect of the music industry, one that is becoming increasingly rare...

Here's one of my favorite instruments.  If you are in the market for a new violin or cello, please visit Eggen first.  You will not be disappointed.

Monday, July 30, 2012

To Mr. Anonymous333

So, swell... I was abruptly taken out of my bubble this weekend, when a thread in a prominent photography forum decided to discuss yours truly.  Usually, I'm not a fan of forums, for the simple reason that creepers decide to hide their identity and cowardly go after someone without any rhyme or reason.
I just happened to be that someone this weekend.

The thread in question has since been taken down, which REALLY got my blood boiling because I wasn't even able to respond.  I was, however, able to see it, read it, and slowly formulate a response that wasn't completely littered with four letter words.

The post in question came from "Anonymous333", a "photographer" who struggles with getting a press pass to cover some of his favorite concerts.  In it, he describes how many of his favorite artists he had to give up on taking pictures of since the 'Italian photographer got all the best gigs", and implied I did so because I'm a woman.

Well, Mr. Anonymous333, did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, I get those gigs because the labels and promoters want really good pictures of their artists?  I didn't have a chance to view your portfolio, Mr. Coward, I mean, Mr. Anonymous333, but something tells me that it may not be up to par with someone who does this for a living.

Also, I wanted to let you know that yes, I'm a woman, and very proud of it, but because I'm a woman:

- I had to work three times as hard as my male colleagues to be taken seriously as a photojournalist and not a groupie;
- I often had to put up with a misogynistic crew that made my job less than enjoyable until I made a name for myself;
- I have never and will never sleep my way through a gig, way too hard to do when you carry a 40lbs backpack all night, crimps my style;
- I had the pleasure of being thrown up on, elbowed in my eye and yes, even had a concussion or two because, you know, I'm half your size;
- I took three self-defense courses to put up with drunk assholes who think it's ok to grab my ass in a venue, while I'm working (oh, did you know that my camera is an awesome weapon and I wasn't charged when the drunk asshole lost a tooth, thanks to the security guard who witnessed the whole incident and made sure the truth came out with the police officer?);
- I lost many jobs at the beginning of my career because I was "cute" - bet you never did;
- I dealt with stalkers;
- I dealt with women who hated me for being that close to "the band";
- I was literally lifted off my shooting spot by a body builder who decided to bench press me.

Because I'm a woman, I have to deal with people like you, waiving a penis around with a sense of entitlement.
Next time you're not given a press pass, buy a ticket.  Support the musicians who make my job actually enjoyable.  Support the economy.  Support passion, talent and creativity.
But most of all, support photography if you want to call yourself a photographer.
And if you see me in a venue, then know I've earned the right to be there and I am trusted to do a good job.  A great MF job.  Because that's how I get the best gigs.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sing 4 The Trees

Ian Cooke encourages musicians to submit a song about the importance of our forests and the devastation they are going through. 

When I was asked to help promote the campaign for, I jumped at the chance.  The devastation of Colorado's forests due to a tiny beetle infestation has been incredible.  The news of the Colorado forest fires, fueled to unstoppable conditions by the dead lumber, has reached homes all over the world.  This is my backyard, of course I couldn't look the other way.

I am partnering up with talented musicians from Colorado who offered to be my "models" to promote the campaign.  They didn't know I'd ask them to land on a desert island in the middle of Lake Dillon and then get pummeled by a hail storm.  But they were all troopers.  My thanks to Jen Korte, Mane Rok, Ian Cooke, Maria Kohler, and Rosalie Bianco for trusting me with my vision.

Maria Kohler

Mane Rok

Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell is judging the contest, and it was great to see him again after way too many years at the launch party. Honored to be working with like-minded individuals, and humbled by the challenge.  Together, we can make a difference. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Radio Interview - Pay It Forward Radio

Oh.My.Goodness! Can I just pinch myself back into reality? Probably not, I like it here... And apparently so do other like minded people, such as Charley Johnson, the founder of the Pay It Forward movement, and the very inquisitive, kind and inspiring Kathy Bacon, host of a radio show featuring people making a difference in the world, one act of kindness at the time. We met at the station and talked for an hour about photography, influences, and The LOVE Project. You can listen to the whole live interview HERE - my thanks to Kathy, the producer, sponsors, and Charley for bringing all sorts of goodness into this world! I truly believe we can all make a difference if we proactively act with passion and kindness in our hearts.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Article in The Delicious Day

I was so honored to be interviewed by The Delicious Day - I read it faithfully and admire the writer's talent and the interesting people behind each story. Here's part of my story...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The LOVE Project - Phase II "Puppy Love"

So, I've been a busy little bee.... hehehehe.... The LOVE Project continues with Phase II, "Puppy Love" a series of one minute photo shoots of a single (or dating) person and their dog - I'm exploring what Love looks like in all forms, how much of it we have in our lives without even realizing it, and how much love a dog brings to our daily routine. Love is all around, we just have to feel it.

This Phase of The LOVE Project is raising funds for no-kill, rural, animal shelters. We can all help, a little at the time... xoxo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Candlebox was the very first band I shot professionally, and it is so close to my heart... I decided to be a music and concert photographer when I developed my film, yes, film, and saw how, somehow, I was able to capture not only the performance, but the music. It was great to see everyone again after all this time, and say thanks in person. That one concert so many years ago changed my life. Very grateful indeed.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flobots Bowling Ball - 2011

One of the highlights of every year is the Flobots Bowling Ball - this year, OneRepublic, Colorado Rapids, Paper Bird, Bop Sizzum, John Common and Jessica DeNicola, Devotchka, Air Dubai, 93.3 Jocks, Rocky Mountain Roller Girls, Churchill and more friends that I can count attended the bash, supporting Always an honor to spend time with people who love what they do, and do it so well...

Here's a little slideshow of what I saw, and yes, I had a blast...

Saturday, September 24, 2011


in my heart
where you're safe
where you can tell me
all your secrets
where you can cry
and release your pain
where you're finally healthy
where you don't feel anything but love
where you lay your head
and sleep peacefully
where you speak softly
and laugh loudly
where you eat
where you drink
where you nourish the Soul
where you have everything
where you don't need anything
where you don't have to worry
ever again
about him
about me
in my heart.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A day with Le Divorce

I am truly a blessed person.  The other day I tagged along with Denver-based band Le Divorce, to document their first time playing Red Rocks.  Their excitement was matched by their incredible talent, and they truly rocked it.  I admire people who live their dream, and I was so honored to record the whole experience for them - I so often shoot only the show, I somehow forget what builds up to each set.  The hard work, hours practicing, the camaraderie, van rides, sound check, and the celebration after... Here's a small sample of what I witnessed.  Full set at  Congratulations, Le D!!!!! Wishing you many, many, many more... xoxo

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Street photography in Denver, CO

If you've ever read this blog, it's no surprise that I am a huge street photography fan.  However, running around in "stealth mode" is pretty difficult carrying around my Nikon pro camera outfits, and the point-and-shoot world is quite limiting.

Enter the Fujifilm FinePix X100 - I have been on the fence about this camera since I read the first reviews, yet it seemed just perfect.  Small, a rangefinder-feel, not to mention the tech-specs of a prosumer camera.  Too good to be true?  If the ticket price was a bit steep, it became all worth it the minute I held it in my hands and took it out for a couple of days.  No bulky camera bag, it actually fit in a small insert inside my purse.

Whenever I'm asked about my opinion as to the "best" camera on the market, my answer is always the same : "The one you carry with you".  There is no missed shot with this little beauty - handy, small, and an ISO of 12,800 combined with a F2.0 lens makes this a really great camera.  Here are a couple of test shots.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Art and creative community rally for Michael Hancock

The art and creative community in Denver came together at Plus Gallery to support Denver Mayoral candidate Michael Hancock.  It was an event I wasn't planning on covering, but... well, you guessed it.  A photojournalist always has a camera handy... Here are a few pics from the evening, and yes, I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Hancock's down-to-earth approach to his campaign, and it was great meeting him and his family.