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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Street photography in Denver, CO

If you've ever read this blog, it's no surprise that I am a huge street photography fan.  However, running around in "stealth mode" is pretty difficult carrying around my Nikon pro camera outfits, and the point-and-shoot world is quite limiting.

Enter the Fujifilm FinePix X100 - I have been on the fence about this camera since I read the first reviews, yet it seemed just perfect.  Small, a rangefinder-feel, not to mention the tech-specs of a prosumer camera.  Too good to be true?  If the ticket price was a bit steep, it became all worth it the minute I held it in my hands and took it out for a couple of days.  No bulky camera bag, it actually fit in a small insert inside my purse.

Whenever I'm asked about my opinion as to the "best" camera on the market, my answer is always the same : "The one you carry with you".  There is no missed shot with this little beauty - handy, small, and an ISO of 12,800 combined with a F2.0 lens makes this a really great camera.  Here are a couple of test shots.